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Ignoring your pain will not make it disappear. And we assure that it will only make it worse.


Imagine being able to work without neck pain, going to the gym without back pain, or not having that annoying shoulder pain that keeps you from carrying your kids on the lap...


If you can get rid of the constant and disabling discomfort you feel, you can gain control over your life. The truth is that there is a fast, effective and non-chemical way that will help you regain the joy of moving around without limits


Our aim is to take care of you, recovering your health, well-being, and improving your quality of life.

Isabel Rodrigues, osteopathic physician

- Accredited Osteopath by the ACSS (State Administration of the Portuguese Health System, Public Institute).

- Osteopatic Education on IMT - Institute of Traditional Medicines of Lisbon.


She has practiced osteopathy for several years in medical clinics and works in partnership with other doctors.

She has a real dedication to the profession and to her patients, who she very much  respects. She loves what she does.


Osteopathy is a manual therapy, included in a medical environment, that re-establishes the balance of your body and that has excellent results, at all ages, since the 1st treatment.

Without using chemical drugs, it treats mobility losses, based on the symptoms described and presented by the patient.

During this consultation, the osteopathic physician will discuss the patient's health problems, listen, and take case notes.


The osteopathic physician will physically examine the patient, and assess the health of the joints, ligaments, and tissues, using a highly trained technique of touch known as palpation.

The osteopathic physician will propose a treatment plan to meet the patient's needs.

This will include the number of sessions likely to be needed, although this number may change depending on the patient's response to treatment.


Osteopathy emphasizes self-healing, so an osteopathic physician may also advise dietary changes, home exercise programs, and lifestyle adjustments.

The manipulation and hands-on work are gentle, but due to the physical work being carried out, a patient of osteopathy may feel sore for the first 24 to 48 hours.


Health and well-being are waiting for you!

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